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How it works

Watch the video guide below. Connect Google Search Console. Add your site. Find keywords you aren’t targeting. Rank higher.

Trusted by major brands & agencies

Spindrift is helping some of the biggest brands in the world build their search rankings

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Features to grow your traffic

Spindrift is the ultimate content optimisation platform for boosting your websites traffic

Discover hidden growth opportunities

Find underserved buyer queries you’re already getting impressions for, increase mentions in content, and increase relevant traffic.

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Optimise and track performance

Track impressions, clicks and content mentions for all your search queries over time. Optimise your content and monitor how your changes impact traffic.

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Link multiple Google Search Console accounts

Add an unlimited number of Google Search Console accounts to Spindrift. Add your sites. Manage them in one place. GSC simplified.

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Collaborate effortlessly across teams

Create teams and add colleagues, VAs, or even clients. Optimise your sites together. Spindrift is perfect for agencies, in-house teams, and site owners.

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All plans include Query Hunter.

Query Hunter brings data from Spindrift to your content. Edit your content with Query Hunter as a reference.

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Loved by SEO experts

Experts use Spindrift and the Query Hunter Chrome Extension to continously drive relevant organic traffic

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QueryHunter is ace. After all the recent updates and some traffic loss on my main site, I stopped writing new posts and just used QH to update old ones. Three months into this and traffic is rising steadily again, so all the extra work is well worth it.

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I LOVE queryhunter It’s such an amazing tool and honestly I logged into gsc the other day and kept clicking around like a fool to find the page filter cause I’m so out of practise since I use query hunter so often now :p

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Luke Dalton

“A week after using Query Hunter...”

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Today I talked to a freelancer whose whole SOP was to find 12 months data in GSC and optimise the on-page for those keywords.

I introduced him to QueryHunter.

He won't be able to sleep tonight.

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Revamping a 30k pageview site for a 50k goal. Strategy:

• Targeting missing low-hanging keywords
• Leveraging QueryHunter

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Just added Query Hunter to our roundup of SEO rank trackers and I'm really impressed. It's got a fresh angle on tracking ranks. It taps into Google Search Console to spotlight rankings for any page of your site via their Chrome Extension. And it's affordable too!

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For individuals getting started with content optimization.



Billed Monthly

1 site included in plan1 user included in planDaily GSC data updatesTrack GSC mentions coverage on your siteComing Soon: Automated Google indexingComing Soon: Topic & Intent analysisAccess to Query Hunter


For teams who need to optimize multiple sites.



Billed Monthly

5 sites included in plan10 users included in planDaily GSC data updatesTrack GSC mentions coverage on your siteComing Soon: Automated Google indexingComing Soon: Topic & Intent analysisAccess to Query Hunter


For large agencies and businesses optimizing multiple sites.



Billed Monthly

20 sites included in plan30 users included in planDaily GSC data updatesTrack GSC mentions coverage on your siteComing Soon: Automated Google indexingComing Soon: Topic & Intent analysisAccess to Query Hunter


For large agencies and businesses with custom requirements.

Everything in ProUp to unlimited sitesUp to unlimited usersCustom GSC back data import

Frequently asked questions

What is Spindrift?

Spindrift is a Web Application that streamlines your content optimisation process. It helps website owners identify underserved search queries, optimise content for better rankings, and multiply their traffic.

How does Spindrift work?

Spindrift cross-references Google Search Console query data with your page's content. It provides insights on search queries, query mentions, impressions, click-through rates, and more, making it easier to refine and optimise content.

I've signed up. How do I use Spindrift?

Just link a Google Search Console account, add a site, and click on that site to view your opportunity data.

Is there a free version available?

Unfortunately not, Spindrift is a paid-for product. This enables us to provide you with up-to-date opportunities and continue to add new features all the time. Website owners around the world are already seeing significant ROI from using Spindrift.

How often should I refine my content using Spindrift?

We recommend adding 5-20 new terms to top-performing posts every few months. Regular refinement ensures your content stays optimised and relevant.

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